Our factory has been built on 16.000m2 including 11.000m2 closed area in Göveçlik that depends on Denizli Merkezefendi district. We have been processing 4.9 million kg of yarn per year with our staff who specialized in towel and fabric for bathrobe. We have got cotton weaving and preparation before weaving in our constitution.  We have been completing our production process as a manufactured by getting service fabric dyeing from our suppliers. Our capacity has been supplying 4.000.000 m2 fabric for bathrobe and 8.500.000 pieces’ towel production on a yearly basis. 

Our Production in Our Factory;


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           We have been working in a very wide range of different yarn counts with such yarns. Our production has been making with 52 pieces’ towel weave loom. It consists of 22 pieces’ Jacquard looms and 30 pieces’ dobby weave. It is produced fancy fabric with Jacquard looms. We have been processing all kinds of pattern on fabric which are requested by our customer. It is produced basic products with dobby looms. The Jacquard loom is divided into 2. These are 18 pieces’ jumbo jacquard and 4 pieces’ size jacquard. Because of our high capacity, we have been producing fast production. Thus, we have been shortening your order date.

           The quality is the most important and indispensable component at every stage of the production process for us. If a company offers the highest quality, we are aware of our country's prestige will increase with generated products. This is the way that we follow total quality management. It is developed a patterns with the wishes of our customers in the structure of our design department. All trends are reflected in our fabric.

           Our products are barcoded and examined before shipment with quality control department who have been working 24 hours. Thus, errors are immediately detected and recorded. Our quality control directors who have been working in each shift in system have been following of the quality system on weaving loom during production. Our company is being controlled periodically by independent controller firms.

           Yedeks Textile Industry and Trade Inc. has been established to operate in the field of home textiles in 1986 in Denizli which is Turkey's textile center for thousands of years. It is a family company that is owned by Başer Family. The family’s meeting with the Textile Industry is based on the year 1800. The Grandfather Hacı Mustafa Efendi who is toiling with cotton farming in Göveçlik which is in the Ottoman Empire borders had also started the cotton merchant.                    

           The activity has been continued by his sons for a long time and it has been added weaving in the early 1900s. The produced fabrics have been started to sell in the textile market of the city. Then, Ekrem Başer who is grandchild of the family and who born in 1930 established the first spinning mill with shareholdings in 1974 in Göveçlik. It has been provided employment to many employees at the factory which is made production with modern machinery. Then, their sons wanted to establish their own business and they left the spinning factory so they established their business in 1986.

           Yedeks Tekstil is relying on weaving in domestic market. The structuring of the company has constituted fabric sale to the company which produces manufacture. It has taken place within the top 10 largest companies in Denizli as a weaving capacity. 

           Become the best of the sector; care about innovations and creativities; based on professional management approach,dynamic structure, teamwork, social responsibility and oriented with total quality management philosophy. 

           In the framework of our vision, to be a sample foundation by generating resources and value for our customers, our employees and our country.

Institutional Values and Principles;

  • We are aware that success came to an efficient and disciplined work.
  • We make no compromises to be honest, to be reputable, to be strong, to be stable and to be reliable institution.
  • Active and highest level efficiency are our production principles by keeping under control the whole process of our operations.
  • We are realized the necessity of institutionalization, learning and open to criticism by understanding participatory, equitable, democratic management approach.
  • Our customers are our benefactor.

Our human resources are our most important values.